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Life is not easy
especially for women

Life in Kolkata does not look fair for all. Survival is indeed difficult and they try to do so under deplorable conditions.   The wish to educate and assist these children is a dream that one has and hopes for, but realistically is too far in the future.  

Knowing all the above, one wonders if things could possibly get any worse.  Yes, it does because female children born in India are still living in an era of  medieval mentality.  Women are still viewed as second-class citizens without rights.  Even though the government is trying to change things, the abuse of young, innocent girls is still a normal part of that culture.   For example, the requirement to have  a dowry in order to marry, forces girls born into poor families to find survival in other areas, such as brothels. 


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"Theotokos" Girls Orphanage is a small paradise for 130 girls

Despite these horrendous problems, at the “Theotokos” Orphanage for Girls, beginning in 1999, hundreds of girls were saved and blessed due to the intervention of the Orthodox Church in India.   These youngsters found love, understanding and medical assistance, resulting in wonderful rehabilitation.  Looking at their angelic faces, you now see smiles and brightness; they no longer live in the shadow and the darkness of famine and despair.  Today the orphanage cares for 130 girls from the ages of 4 to 18

Sharing Love

A "mother" for them

Sister Nektaria is the “protector angel” for these girls all these years According to Sister Nektaria, the role of women in Calcutta is still lowly and degraded. From the window of her cell, she sees women every day loaded down with sacks while their men ride the donkeys. There have been several occasions when these women have tried to take refuge in the female orphanage or mission to escape from their abusive husbands.. All the girls have access to education, they can built a new life with smile and happiness’

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We need your love

Mainly the children who were born in the streets, who never learnt what home is, or never smelt warm food, or never learnt to read or write.

the homeless families who sleep in the streets and try to be protected from the sun and rain with brunches of trees and cartons.

The maltreated women who have no rights to education and generally are exploited.
the sick people who face the death because there isn’t medical treatment.
the children and adults who fight for a dignified life every day.

Our love can become a ray of hope and life for thousands of people in South Asia

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