banner-proortodox-wordpress-comA contemporary miracle of St. Sabbas of Kalymnos (amateur translation)
On the radio station of the Metropolis of Piraeus, on the feast of St. Sabbas of Kalymnos, Lykourgos Markoudes relates the following astonishing miracle:
Every Friday, I work a shift at the church bookstore of Kalymnos. About three years ago, an elderly tourist couple entered the bookstore, and having bought something, I gave them a small icon of St. Sabbas as a blessing.
They asked: “Who is this?”
I told them that this was the Saint of our island, St. Sabbas.
They asked, again in English: “Why is he a Saint? What has he done?”
I told them that he is a Saint because he loved God very much, he lived in asceticism, and works many miracles, heals those with cancer, and helps childless couple have children…
As soon as they heard this last point, they immediately called to their daughter and her husband who were outside, and told them what I said. They said that St. Sabbas helps many childless couples bear children. This couple was married for many years, and could not bear a child. They asked if they could go to the Monastery of St. Sabbas.
This girl was not Orthodox, but she had great reverence and piety, and she asked if she could go inside the church as she was not Orthodox. I told them that they of course could, and she also asked permission from the Abbess if she could venerate the reliquary, where is kept the whole relic of St. Sabbas, and she said of course she could.
Having venerated, she kneeled for about 10 minutes before the Saint, and with tears prayed, saying, among other things: “O Saint Sabbas, I am not Orthodox, I don’t know many things about Christ, but I believe in God, and I believe that you can help me.”
After she stood up, the Abbess gave her holy oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint to anoint herself with. Having thanked her, they all left.
One year later…
One Friday, the same older parents of the couple came to the bookstore, found Niko, greeted him with joy, and asked if he remembered him. They then called their daughter and her husband, and they entered, holding their newborn baby in their arms.
They said: “This is Sabbina!”
They had a beautiful little girl in their arms, and in addition, they admitted that they all—parents, children—were baptized Orthodox, through the help of the well-known Metropolitan Kallistos Ware in England.
They asked if they could visit the Monastery of St. Sabbas to thank the Saint. As soon as they reached the church, with great emotion, they placed the little Sabbina on top of the reliquary of the Saint, and said: “Take it, this is yours, it’s not mine!”
This girl had brought from England a whole envelope full of tests and doctor’s opinions from the best hospitals, which mentioned that it would be impossible for her to remain pregrant, as she had a problem with her fallopian tubes. They told Mr. Niko to read these to confirm the greatness of this miracle. They had been tested scientifically, and had spent much money, even selling a plot of land, in order to afford it.
The Lord God lives!
source: fullofgraceandtruth

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