OsiosVoukolos01Devoted in his youth to cleansing himself of the passions and of the stains of the world, our Holy Father Boukolos became a fit dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, so that when the Holy Apostle John the Theologian founded the Church of Smyrna, he left him as bishop of that great city. Guided by grace, Saint Boukolos enlightened the benighted pagans by his word and example, making them sons of the light through Holy Baptism, and delivering them from the demons by the strength of his prayer.

When he realized that the time had come for him to meet the Lord, he consecrated Saint Polycarp (Feb. 23) as his successor, entrusting him with the care of his spiritual flock, and he then fell asleep in peace. After his burial, God caused a tree with healing properties to grow from his tomb, whereby many who came to it with faith were restored to health in the course of the centuries.

Feast Day: February 6

by Hieromonk Makarios of Simonopetra

source: mystagogy

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