students_1630446c-600x387Singapore students remain world beaters in mathematics, science and reading, according to the results of two international benchmarking studies released on Tuesday with youngsters across the academic streams chalking up higher scores than their predecessors.

More significantly, the two tests indicate that the move by the Education Ministry to cut academic content to create space for schools to develop critical thinking is paying off. MOE said the detailed test scores indicate that Singapore students are moving away from rote learning to applying higher order thinking skills.

In the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) Singapore’s 10-year-olds in Primary 4 achieved the highest mean score of 606 in mathematics, beating South Korea and Hong Kong and the second highest score in science, behind South Korea .

Secondary 2 students who took the test were ranked No. 2 in maths and No. 1 in science.

source: thestraitstimes

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