As We Prepare To Celebrate Pascha

We already find ourselves to be before Great Week and the cosmo-salvific feast of Pascha. Today is Palm Sunday, in which we celebrate the palm-bearing entrance of our Lord into the Holy City.

Constantine the Great and Historical Truth

[Below is an excellent article by Fr. George Metallinos that portrays the truth about Constantine the Great and shows with conviction why the Orthodox Church honors him as a Saint and “Equal of the Apostles”. It also answers the numerous critics of Constantine, among whom accuse him as being one of the most evil men […]

Prayer Presupposes Faith

Prayer presupposes faith. People who don’t pray are without help, uncertain, blind and alone. They’re earthbound, not knowing how to fly aloft, to burn bright in the sky, to enjoy the necessary celestial support. They’re magnetized, bound, firmly attached to corruptible, earthly things. It’s not easy for them to break away. They attempt to lay […]

The Application of Orthodox Theology

By Protopresbyter Fr. John Romanides All men regardless of nationality, race, and color have the noetic faculty and therefore the possibility of reaching illumination by means of purification and then if God pleases they may experience glorification at its varying degrees. In any case the varying levels of theoria are the highest experiences of Orthodox […]

Orthodoxy Isn’t a National Ideology

The Gospel Reading (Jn. 1, 44-52) At that time, Jesus wished to go to Galilee; he found Philip and said to him: “Follow me”. Now Philip was from Bethsaida, from the town of Andrew and Peter. Philip found Nathanael and said to him: “We’ve found him about whom Moses wrote in the law, as did […]

Elder Paisios: Never Say “They Will Answer to God”

– Elder, is it alright to say about someone who has caused me an injustice: “They will answer to God”. – Whoever says that is being fooled by the evil one and does not understand that in this way he is cursing politely. There are some who say that they are sensitive and they have […]

Insights on True Repentance

By St. John Climacus of Sinai – Repentance is the renewal of baptism. Repentance is a contract with God for a second life. A penitent is a buyer of humility. Repentance is constant distrust of bodily comfort… Repentance is the daughter of hope and the renunciation of despair… Repentance is reconciliation with the Lord by […]

Doing Theology While Subject to the Passions

A.) Many theologians, as well as clergy and bishops, produce and publish various texts nowadays. However some, not knowing the weight of what they say, follow the secular notions of competitive journalism. They count with complacency and boasting the traffic to their personal websites, transforming theological words into news of the trade and not infrequently […]

Clean Monday and the First Week of Great Lent

With Clean Monday begins Great Lent in the Orthodox Church and marks the end of feasting. Clean Monday is called as such because Christians are called to cleanse themselves spiritually and bodily. It is also a day of strict fasting with no work. The holy fast has a duration of 40 days in imitation of […]

On Cheesefare Sunday

On this Sunday the Holy Church focuses on the memory of the exile of our ancestral parents from paradise for disobedience and intemperance in order that through misfortune it more evidently emphasizes the importance of the presented ascetical effort for all, and in the loss of the blessedness of paradise it specifies a subject, worthy […]