The Great Feast of Theophany

  Theophany is the Feast which reveals the Most Holy Trinity to the world through the Baptism of the Lord (Mt.3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22). God the Father spoke from Heaven about the Son, the Son was baptized by the St John the Forerunner, and the Holy Spirit descended upon the Son in the form […]

January 1st: Blessed the New Year 2013

On January 1st we commemorate the Circumcision of Our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ; and, Saint Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesarea. Apolytikion of the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ (Mode 1) In essence being God, most-compassionate Master, You assumed human nature without transmutation. Fulfilling the Law, of Your own will You […]

Patriarchal Encyclical for Christmas

“Christ is born, glorify Him; Christ is on earth, exalt Him.”

Let us rejoice in gladness for the ineffable condescension of God.The angels precede us singing: “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will among all people.”

Yet, on earth we behold and experience wars and threats of wars. Still, the joyful announcement is in no way annulled. Peace has truly come to earth through reconciliation between God and people in the person of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, however, we human beings have not been reconciled, despite God’s sacred will. We retain a hateful disposition for one another. We discriminate against one another by means of fanaticism with regard to religious and political convictions, by means of greed in the acquisition of material goods, and through expansionism in the exercise of political power. These are the reasons why we come into conflict with one another.

Christmas Celebration in Pakistan

The Orthodox Christians in Pakistan celebrated the great Feast of Christmas and glorified our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Sun of Righteousness. Fr.John conducted the Services in Lahore at the place where the Orthodox Church of Saint Alexander is housed and during the twelve days after Christmas he visited many other places where there […]

Christmas Celebration in Boyolali, Indonesia

The Orthodox Community in Boyolali, Indonesia celebrated with spiritual joy the great Feast of Christmas. Fr.Methodios conducted the Services at the Orthodox Church of Saint Catherine. See more photos here

Saint Basil the Great and the custom of Saint Basil’s Pie

St. Basil the Great Celebrated January 1st  Very few of us realize that the beginning of the Church calendar does not start on January 1st. Actually, our Church calendar begins on September 1st. In our daily living, however, with our friends and neighbors and our society, our year begins on January 1st. This is […]