Pakistan rain and storms kill dozens

At least 32 people have been killed and dozens more injured after three days of heavy rain and storms in Pakistan, officials say. Most of the deaths were in the north of the country, where roofs caved in and houses collapsed, killing several children. Six members of one family are reported to have been swept […]

Deaths of pygmy elephants sparks concern in Malaysia

A forlorn and frightened pygmy elephant calf, reaching out its trunk to touch its dead mother. That’s the heartbreaking scene local authorities came across recently as they patrolled the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve in northeastern Borneo. The mother was one of 14 elephants, the latest one discovered Thursday, found dead over the past few weeks […]

Cemetery as battleground for ‘soul of Singapore’

Millie Phuah arrived at Singapore’s Bukit Brown cemetery on a humid morning, armed with a rake and gloves to clear fallen branches and decaying leaves from her ancestors’ graves. “I’ve got my great-grandparents on this side … and my grand-uncle will be on this side,” she said, pointing in opposite directions. An eight-lane highway, set […]

India files murder charges against suspects in brutal gang rape

Indian authorities added murder charges Saturday for suspects in the brutal gang rape that led to the death of a 23-year-old woman and sent outraged protesters to the streets. The suspects already faced rape charges. Six people, including a minor and a bus driver, have been arrested in connection with the rape, which occurred in […]

Rare tragopan pheasants sent from Highland Wildlife Park to India

A group of rare and endangered birds is being taken from the Highlands to India in an attempt to kick-start a recovery programme for the species. The nine tragopans are members of the pheasant family which normally inhabit the foothills of the Himalayas. They have been bred in captivity by experts in the UK and […]

Delhi shivers on coldest day for 44 years

The Indian capital, Delhi, has shivered through its coldest day for 44 years, with dense fog causing travel chaos. Temperatures fell to a minimum for the day of 4.8C while the maximum temperature in the city was down 11 degrees at 9.8C. The Meteorological Office said it was the first time since records began in […]

Misogyny in India: We are all guilty

Misogyny is so deeply rooted in India’s collective psychology that even the president’s son — in this case, Congress Parliament member Abhijit Mukherjee — could entangle himself with a remark against women protesting gang rape. He called them “dented and painted women” who go to discos, have little connection with ground realities and are making […]