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Clergy Requesting Permission

Non-Metropolis Clergy Requesting to Enter

the Metropolitanate  of Singapore and South Asia



These procedures are applicable to all clergy, both other Orthodox Metropolitanates in South East Asia, as well as from other canonical Orthodox Churches and Metropolitanates.


Requesting Permission to Enter the 

Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia


Clergy — both priests and deacons — desiring to enter the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia should follow these administrative procedures. Otherwise canonical permission to enter the Metropolitanate cannot and will not be granted by Metropolitan Konstantinos.

• The clergyman must first request permission from his own hierarch to be absent from his current canonical assignment.

• The clergyman must himself obtain a written statement from his own hierarch, stating:

(a) that the clergyman is a priest (or deacon) in good standing,

(b) that he has hierarchical permission to be absent, and

(c) that he has permission to request entrance into the Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia.

• The clergyman must address a written request to Metropolitan Konstantinos asking his blessing:

(a) to enter the Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia,

(b) on a specific date, or range of dates, and

(c) to serve at a specific parish.

• A copy of the written adeia (canonical permission) from the clergyman’s hierarch must be forwarded to Metropolitan Konstantinos  of Singapore.

• The copy of the hierarchical permission sent to Metropolitan Konstantinos may come directly from that hierarch’s office, or it may be enclosed with the written request received from the clergyman.

• The written request from the clergyman to Metropolitan Konstantinos  may be sent by regular mail, or by e-mail:

Mailing address:
His Eminence Metropolitan Konstantinos of Singapore
Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia

16 Raffles Quay #41-07 Hong Leong Building,. Singapore 048581 





Receiving Permission to Enter the Metropolis of Singapore

After both:

(a) the hierarchical letter from the clergyman’s hierarch, and

(b) the letter requesting adeia to enter the Metropolitanate of Singaporeand South Asia from the clergyman, have been received, the Metropolis Chancellor’s Office will prepare the permission to enter the Metropolitanate and submit it to Metropolitan Konstantinos . Once approved by Metropolitan Konstantinos and signed, the permission will be sent to the requesting clergyman via mail, FAX, and/or e-mail.

A copy of the signed permission (adeia) will additionally be sent to the requesting clergyman’s hierarch as well as to the pastor of the parish the clergyman will be visiting, also via mail, or e-mail.


Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia