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Love is always the solution

Sharing love

Life is Short
Help people
to live with happiness

As many as 25 million Indonesians are classified as poor, living on less than Rp 425,250 (US$30.29) per person per month, according to Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data released in March. 

That means they get by on $1 per day, well below the global poverty line benchmark of $1.90 per person per day.


Sharing Love

Giving food
Giving life

All the Orthodox Parishes in Indonesia provide food (like rice, fruits and milk), medicines and many more to poor families or to people that are in need. 

Also, we help when someone needs to go to hospital. We take care homeless and trying support people to find jobs.


We need your love

Mainly the children who were born in the streets, who never learnt what home is, or never smelt warm food, or never learnt to read or write.

the homeless families who sleep in the streets and try to be protected from the sun and rain with brunches of trees and cartons.

The maltreated women who have no rights to education and generally are exploited.
the sick people who face the death because there isn’t medical treatment.
the children and adults who fight for a dignified life every day.

Our love can become a ray of hope and life for thousands of people in South Asia

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