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"Saint Nicholas"

Education built a better future

Sharing love

Life is not easy

Nias island is situated off the western coast of North Sumatra. Nias is a beautiful holiday destination popular amongst international surfers. However, despite this visiting wealth, Nias ranks amongst the poorest areas in Indonesia. Seventeen percent of people (22,720) live below the poverty line.

 Average family size is 7 people and incomes are inadequate to cover basic needs. Poverty is a significant contributor to food insecurity and malnutrition. Most people are farmers who have traditionally grown commercial rubber. Unfortunately, the prices for rubber have collapsed, leaving the people destitute and desperate for alternative livelihoods

Sharing Love

"Saint Nicholas" School gives hope

After the catastrophic tsunami (2004) Orthodox Church establish the “Saint Nicholas” Elementary and High School.

More than 120 students have the opportunity to study and to built a better future for them.


We need your love

Mainly the children who were born in the streets, who never learnt what home is, or never smelt warm food, or never learnt to read or write.

the homeless families who sleep in the streets and try to be protected from the sun and rain with brunches of trees and cartons.

The maltreated women who have no rights to education and generally are exploited.
the sick people who face the death because there isn’t medical treatment.
the children and adults who fight for a dignified life every day.

Our love can become a ray of hope and life for thousands of people in South Asia

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