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of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore 

and South Asia

About our philanthropic Foundations and Projects.


The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia carries out missionary work offering the testimony of the Orthodox faith, supporting the Orthodox Christians, foreigners and locals, who live in South Asia, and presents dynamic activation on the fields of the social welfare, health and education.

There are big inequalities in South Asia: the arrogance of the wealth and the absolute poverty. In this area of our planet millions of people remain homeless, they live under conditions of lack of elementary hygiene, they do not have clean drinking water or medical treatment. The average duration of life is very short because of the diseases and vitamin deficiency. Millions of people, mainly women, do not have the possibility of being educated and do not have equal chances for a human life.

The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore tries, through philanthropic projects, to offer daily Love, Hope and Life.

In the section of Social Welfare it develops wide social and humane activity contributing tones of food and thousands of parcels of clothing, shoes, house appliances, medicines and personal effects of hygiene. Every day it offers milk, biscuits and vitamins to the thousands of “children of the rubbish”. It builds houses for the poor families having many children which live in the streets. It realizes drillings in areas of India and Indonesia and as a result thousands of people have clean drinkable water. It maintains an orphanage with 120 girls and an orphanage with 70 boys in India and two boarding houses for orphan and poor children in Indonesia.



In the sector of Education the Orthodox Metropolitanate founds and functions Kindergarten schools, elementary schools, high schools, technical schools, a Polytechnic Academy, a Theological seminary, as well as special programs for illiterate people. Those educational foundations of the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore function in India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. Summarizing: there are 5 nursery schools, 10 elementary schools, 2 high school, 2 technical schools, 1 polytechnic academy, 1 theological seminary functioned by the Holy Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia.

In the sector of Health it activates creating eight clinics and  a dentist’s surgery in India. It organizes medical missions and distributions of medicines to various remote areas.

The Orthodox Metropolitanate is responsible for the salaries of the people working in the charity foundations, runs the buildings and pays the equipment of the foundations. The Orthodox Metropolitanate offers scholarships to pupils and students and provides them with free books and stationary. The pupils and students come from poor families or are orphans and homeless.The educational foundations of the Orthodox Metropolitanate accept students beyond any discrimination, as well as all the charity activities and the various programs are meant for everybody with no discrimination.




The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia counts solely on the donations of the friends of its charity work for the preservation and the function of its charity programs, as it does not have any other incomes to support them.

The total cost for the charity activities of the OMSGSA, reaches the amount of 700,000 euros annually.

We need your love!

Mainly the children who were born in the streets, who never learnt what home is, or never smelt warm food, or never learnt to read or write.
the homeless families who sleep in the streets and try to be protected from the sun and rain with brunches of trees and cartons.
the maltreated women who have no rights to education and generally are exploited.
the sick people who face the death because there isn’t medical treatment.
the children and adults who fight for a dignified life every day.

Our love can become a ray of hope and life

for thousands of people in South Asia.

For more details and information about how you can support our ministries don’t hesitate to contact us:

Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia

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Tel. (+65) 90153735



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Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia


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